COVID-19 Startup 2020

Dear Students,

Motology School is happy to announce that we will be commencing our training season this week. We have spent the last few weeks re-designing our course content to meet the needs of our students while ensuring that we are also meeting the sensitive needs of safety in all manners, especially COVID-19 regulations and requirements. As such, Motology School is enacting the following:

  • Our regularly scheduled in class training will now be suspended. We have redesigned our course content and integrated it into our Lot Training sessions. This re-design was done thoughtfully and in consideration of safety, knowledge, and a great student experience.
  • All classroom content will continue to be delivered in a manner which is integrated into your practical courses. This integration will deliver a seamless experience where you will gain the knowledge and skills to safely operate a motorcycle.
  • In addition to regularly sanitizing the motorcycles, we will be taking random body temperature checks with a non-contact IR thermometer. Any person, including our staff, who shows a temperature over 38 degrees will be asked to leave and self-isolate.

While we adjust our system to reaccommodate our students, you may receive some system generated e-mails in error. Please disregard. If you require confirmation of your bookings, please contact us via e-mail and we can confirm your bookings.

We are confident that these changes will ensure a high quality of instruction and setup our students for success. Your safety and education, at the school and beyond, is our number one priority and it is why Motology School exists. We believe that proper training and education supports our motorcycle community in keeping everyone safe and having fun.


Motology School Team


Will there be enough time to learn everything?

  • Yes, our experience has shown us where to strategically integrate knowledge based lessons into the on-motorcycle experience, ensuring that you receive a seamless combination of rider education.

Will there be any need to self-study?

  • As in the past, we have recommended that students review the Alberta Class 6 operators manual. Having said that, we will continue to cover the vast majority of all concepts that pertain specifically to operating a motorcycle during the course.

Are the road tests provided by Motology School?

  • As in the past, road test examinations continue to be conducted by Alberta Transportation through the registries. We do not know the timeframe for their planned re-opening, however we do sugguest coordinating with your local registry.

What if I need to borrow a bike for the road test?

  • Motology School offers road test bike rentals at charge of $100 plus taxes. This offer is based on availability of our instructors as we would need to meet you at a local registry. This offer is only available to students of Motology School.

Where is the lot?

  • The training lot is located at 4770 46 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2B 3T7

When should I arrive?

  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled course time.

What should I wear and bring?

  • Please wear comfortable weather appropriate clothing.
  • Denim, leather, or textile full length pants are required.
  • A minimum jean or leather jacket is required.
  • Riding/Driving Gloves
  • DOT certified helmet
    • If not a full face helmet, please bring eye protection (ie. Goggles)
  • Ankle high boots, preferably leather. Do not wear runners, sneakers, heels, sandals, etc.
  • Snacks and water
  • Being prepared for a fun and great learning experience!