– Linda

I completed your basic course this weekend. This was a repeat for me as I had previously completed a weekend training course with Calgary Safety Council in 2012 but felt I needed a repeat as I am transitioning from a 150 cc scooter to a much larger street bike. Instructors: Martin & Rebecca. Extremely competent. … Continue reading – Linda

– Ved

I wish to give a testimonial. While within 3 days (1 day of theory class, 2 days of practical training) I got my motorcycle licence (passing the road test) the more valuable part was how they honed my riding skills. After 15 years of riding and wondering why I am not good at hugging the … Continue reading – Ved

– Mae Barna

James and Rob were fantastic!! I was very uncertain about being on a bike but by the end of the first day of class, I felt a lot better about being there. The size of the class was perfect. Both instructors were able to see everyone and give advice to the group and individually when … Continue reading – Mae Barna