Our Staff


School Manager/Sr. Instructor

Rebecca has been teaching motorcycle riding for a few years and has a passion for the safety of the sport. Well organized and genuine, Rebecca truly cares about the learning experience and strive to provide a high quality of motorcycle education. Through her experiences with the sport, she has come to respect the challenges and obstacles often associated with motorcycles, but recognizes the great rewards that also come with motorcycles. Her passion for passing on her knowledge and skills lends to the improvement of many riders who share similar challenges; being short (and of course other things too)! Current Ride: Suzuki GSX-R600 and Honda CBR600RR


Chief Instructor

A veteran rider with decades of experience, Rob’s passion for riding shines through his grin. His love of motorcycle riding on pavement or dirt, is only second to his new found love for instructing. There is nothing better than an open road on a great day, so Rob is out to teach his students the skills and respect that motorcycles demand, and share his contagious addiction with everyone. Current Ride: Suzuki V-Strom and Kawasaki ZRX1100



Elle has a passion for adventure motorcycling. Having been trained in the BMW off road course, her skills and knowledge go beyond just the pavement. She understands the unique needs of women and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is excited to share with our students. Current Ride: BMW GS700


Sr. Instructor

James has been training pilots and instructors in the Royal Canadian Air Force CIC for over a decade. He took up motorcycle instructing in 2012 and found a new calling. Blending together his passion for instructing in the forces and his passion for motorcycles, James started Motology School Inc. to offer a high quality, well organized, and high standard motorcycle training school to the people. He believes in safety and that knowledge and skill will make your riding career a long, safe, and prosperous one. Current Ride: Ducati 848



Matt has been teaching motorcycle riding quite a number of years. With a passion for motorcycles, he is an avid rider on the track and enjoys riding his BMW S1000r to the limit on the track. He brings a great wealth of knowledge from his track experience and is genuine in his care about his students.


Website: www.motologyschool.com



Chris is happy to put two of his passions together. His love of teaching, and love of motorcycles. He has a background in adult education and enjoys helping people. His first bike when he was eight, was an old welded frame with a rototiller engine. The passion never stopped and he has a garage full of “projects” to prove it!

His current ride (when it’s working) is a 2009 Triumph Thruxton.