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Licensed and Approved by Alberta Transportation and an approved Honda Learn To Ride School, we are grown out of a demand for high quality motorcycle instruction and a passion in contributing to the safety of the sport. We are here to provide the skills and knowledge that every new and existing motorcyclist should have. We understand that there are choices for riding schools in the Calgary area – do your research, your life may depend on it. We are proud to say that our BBB Accreditation ensures that you are choosing the right school and you can trust us to deliver what you expect.

Our students have chosen Motology School because we are of high quality, good value, and well organized; safe, fun and professional, we believe in the essence of safe motorcycling and proper instruction. Although we know that we can not make you an expert rider that years of experience would in one course, we can professionally lay a solid foundation of skills, techniques, and knowledge, which will keep you safer and get you ready for the wonderful world of motorcycles.