Our Fleet

Reknown to be a great training motorcycle as well as a fantastic beginner bike. The CBR300 is a great introduction to street bikes. It is light, easy to handle, and has some pretty good styling cues all things considered. Power output is about 26 horsepower, and it has a purported top end of some 140 kilometers per hour! In all honesty, this bike is unlikely to reach that speed unless you drop it out of an airplane. It is a great bike for the lot and for those light rides around the city.


One of the best beginner bikes in the cruiser scene.  This bike comes with a rear drum brake and a 249cc single-cylinder engine which is carbureted.  This cruiser is solid. A great introduction into the cruiser world and inspiring for those with a shorter inseam. You will find its handling and power a perfect match for learning to ride at Motology School.

Inspired by its supersport cousins, the CBR300 is a great bike for those who are taller and want the extra oomph! It makes a great starter bike to inspire confidence and has a slightly more aggressive posture. ABS system makes the bike extra safe when braking hard.
The Suzuki DR200S is a great dual-sport that brings together the world of offroad and pavement. This 199 cc dual-sport cycle comes with a lightweight body, low seat height, and easy to handle ergonomics. A great way to learn about dual-sport riding on the pavement, this is a great bike for beginners and an easy transition for those who have dirt bike experience.