Friends of Motology

We are proud to be friends with the following businesses who support Motology School and the motorcycle industry in positive ways. Check out these businesses and see how they can benefit you.

Want to become a friend of Motology? Have a business or organization you think would be beneficial to our students? Contact us.

Friend NameDescription
Broker LinkYou’re passionate about riding, and so are we! We’ve made riding the main focus of our insurance group package. We start with your bike, when other companies simply accommodate it. From there, we provide savings on your overall insurance coverage with Home, Auto and even Commercial. This is the complete package. The perfect blend of Value and Protection created by riders, for riders.
We think training is a big part of the rider lifestyle, as it only makes us better. If you’re a new rider, or need a policy before you have acquired a class 6 license we can help you out with our exclusive policies that get you covered.
OAAlogoOffroad ADVenture Academy, school offers motorcycle riding instruction, training classes and guided ADVenture tours in the most stunning places our planet has to offer, led by passionate and knowledgeable instructors and staff.
The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS) was formed by a group of concerned motorcyclists interested in improving the safety on our roads. We are a non-profit society registered in the Province of Alberta, established in February 2016. Through partnering with the motorcycle industry, municipal/provincial government and the media, the AMSS is quickly becoming instrumental in the promotion of motorcycle safety, education and awareness in Alberta.
DIYDirty Jeans DIY is a sale, all inclusive and female oriented course designed to empower women on the basic mechanical skills they need to maintain their motorcycles.
boutique of leathersBoutique of Leathers now offers our students 10% off. Just present your proof and get your discount.



Present your certificate and/or let them know you're a recent Motologist and receive a discount. Also, if you buy a motorcycle from Ralph's ask them how to get a 10% discount on your bike course.
GW Cycle
15% off motorcycle gear with proof of Motorcycle Course Completion

A great place for first aid supplies!