We offer the following courses at Motology School:

– Motology Basic
– Motology Advanced Road Course
– Motology Refresh


Motology School teaches you to become a rider who is knowledgeable, responsible and most importantly in control of your motorcycle. We start from the absolute basics and work up slowly and strategically to more intermediate skills. The course is designed for the new rider with no previous riding experience, as well as the experienced rider that wants to enhance their fundamentals.

*You must have a minimum Class 5 GDL Driver’s License when you begin your course.

Our program offers an integrated theory course that is divided into 3 segments; Online theory, 10 hours of lot training, and a 2 hour road ride (focusing on the experience and ideals of real world road riding), all on a motorcycle that we provide.

Here is the breakdown


In an online based classroom, in a comfortable setting that you choose, we will cover topics such as Riding Gear, Rider Attitude, Motorcycle Controls, Motorcycle Operation, Physics of Riding, Traction Control, Traffic Regulation and Safety, Risk Assessment, Sharing the Road, Riding Conditions, and Hazard Avoidance.


Our school safety policy is a maximum of a 4:1 (student-instructor) ratio and a maximum of 8 students on the lot at any time. We believe in providing the highest level of attention and care to our students while they train with us.

In our controlled training facility, we will safely cover topics such as;
– Starting
– Clutch Control
– Throttle Control
– Brake Use
– Gear Shifting
– Slow Speed Ride, Turns and Curves
– Stopping(regular and avoidance)
– Hill Starts
– Body Positioning and Balance, and Vision Development.

We have plenty of options to meet your busy lifestyle. Please check the booking/schedule page for course dates and availability.

Semi-Private Basic Course (max 4 students) are available. See the bookings page for schedule.



Advanced Road Course

Dealing with higher speeds and more technical riding, you use your own bike in learning new skills that will ensure proper higher speed techniques, avoidance, braking, and group riding. Road cornering, braking, and proper road reading techniques at higher speeds is the main focus of this course. It is a great course for those that wish to develop further skills to add to their repertoire of riding techniques on the road. We know you can ride, now lets take you on the open road and develop your skills where real life is.

In this 8 hour session you will cover:

– Theory of low and high speed riding
– Road awareness/assessing on the fly
– Low Speed Maneuvering in the lot
– Group Riding techniques
– Higher speed road skills
– Motorcycle knowledge and skills development
– 2 hours on the lot and 6 hours on the open road

– Your own motorcycle (registered and insured in your own name)
– Proper riding gear
– Class 6 license
– Fuel for the day

***Please note, there is always a possibility that you may fall and damage your motorcycle, you must accept this risk.***


Haven’t ridden in a while? Need to brush up on your skills? Going from a scooter to a motorcycle? Students must already hold a valid class 6, have ridden in the last 5 years, and already understand the road rules. This 12 hour on lot training course takes you through the entire motorcycle learning process. We will teach you from the basics. Why within 5 years? Because beyond that, we believe it is beneficial for you to do a complete review of road rules and motorcycle theory.

Limited availability, please call for bookings/enquires (909-6686(MOTO))