– Karen Jackson

I had the pleasure of booking into a class that didn’t have any other students, given it was nearing the end of the season. This resulted in getting some one on one instruction and practical riding experience. James delivered the theory portion of the learning and had an excellent knowledge base and offered sensible and preventative advice. Rebecca delivered the practical training and was very knowledgeable, respectful, approachable and a wonderful educator. As a first time motorcycle student all I can say is “Wow……what a great group of professionals and experienced riders who truly have your safety top of mind and whom deliver a first class training experience to their students.”

I felt very lucky to have had a female instructor (given I am a woman) as it helped calm my nerves a bit and I didn’t put so much pressure on myself. Rebecca always had safety and proper techniques as the standard minimum expectation and was also able to work with me one on one which made my learning experience very “hands on” in terms of being able to have somebody providing constant feedback and corrective action advice to me. They were also very accommodating in terms of start/finish times (as we were running out of daylight!). I LOVED the fact that they could arrange for an instructor to come in so you could utilize the bike that you had been learning on. The experience was first class.

As a first time rider, I cannot say enough great things about Rebecca, James and the Motology school. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Motology to my friends and family and in fact…….. I already have!