COVID-19 Alert

Safety Alert : COVID19

In light of recent concerns for Covid-19, we would like to inform our students of our company response to these dramatic times.

Motology School will continue to operate through the 2020 training season, however, we have effected the following safety measures for our students:

– We will not be providing helmets, gloves, or other PPE’s to our students.

– We will be disinfecting all equipment ( ie. Handlebars, Seats, chairs, tables, etc.) on regular intervals during and after each course.

– Classroom sizes are now limited to a maximum of 12 students in order to comply with person-to-person distance separation guidelines from Health Authorities. Our current plan of weekly classroom sessions will still meet the needs of our students.

We will continue to keep our students updated to continuing developments and we are looking forward to the training season next month.

Our students safety is of the utmost importance. Thank you.